model capsid

Modelling Viral Evolution for Endocytosis

Expansion of previous work into parameter space exploration using genetic algorithms.

Development of a more physical model of the cell membrane, as well as a polymer model for flexible nanostructures.

Utilising moran amplifiers to develop a new API for genetic algorithms in simulation.



Human Immunomodulation in Space

Development of novel experiments for investigation into immune recovery in space.

Modelling of transmission of sunlight in extraterrestrial environments.

How can we maintain healthy immune response in future Martian settlements?


Are Rainforests Random?

Network analysis of the BCI rainforest plot to detect communities.

Analysis of the traits of subcommunities.

Are traits randomly distributed or is there some pattern?


Using GAs to Design Nanoparticles

Developed a genetic algorithm to maximise cell membrane deformation by nanoparticles in simulations.

Are there fundamental similarities between good designs? Do recognisable functional features appear?